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We publish books designed to cater to students from higher secondary school to college covering skill development and competitive, research work and recruitment examinations. With the objective of meeting the academic demand of students, we have the great honour and privilege of inviting you to contribute a textbook in your area of specialisation.

Wellwritten Publishing Co. accepts unsolicited work in all languages for textbooks and study material. Our editorial team would be delighted to hear from you the details of any proposal of manuscripts that you may have in mind in the field of research thesis, science, arts, humanities, commerce, management, physical education, entrepreneurship, Ayurveda and dentistry which are tailor-made to serve universities’ prescribed curriculum. Additionally, we also accept study material for competitive and recruitment examinations, vocational education and industrial training institutes.

With nearly four successful decades of experience in typesetting, proofreading, editing, designing, we can undertake to publish any book with minimum gestation period. Our sales and distribution networks are spread nationwide to promote sales of our products. We are delighted to promote your work to the vast gamut of readers through our distribution channels. We work in harmony to bring out your books with quality and timely production.



Submission Guidelines

All submissions should be typed on plain white paper, double spaced, using only one side of the page. Please do not use a fancy font and make sure you use a large font that is easily readable. Ensure that your name and contact information are clearly stated on the first page of your submission.

Please allow at least 30 days for your manuscript to be considered. If you haven’t heard from us after one month and wish to enquire about your manuscript, please drop us an email at or write to us at our corporate office address and we will respond to you promptly.

Please make sure that you keep a copy of your work. Wellwritten Publishing Co. is not responsible for any loss or damage of submitted work. Manuscripts will not be returned to the authors irrespective of the outcome of the review process.
Note:- We only publish academic books; other areas will not be considered for publication. (We do not publish fictional and biographical content. Proposals or manuscripts in these areas will not be considered for publication.)

Do's and Don'ts

  • Your proposal should include a synopsis and complete outline along with any two sample chapters.
  • Do keep a copy of the material you have sent for your records. We do not return any documents sent to us.
  • Do inform us if you have simultaneously submitted your manuscript to another publishing house while we’re considering your proposal.
  • Do not send in letters asking for information on how to submit proposals/manuscripts as any information we can give you has already been shared on our website.
  • Do not send material in CDs.
  • Do not send the complete manuscript unless asked for by us.

Recently Asked Questions

Wellwritten Publishing Co. accepts proposals in Hindi and English languages for textbooks based on academic syllabuses of various universities PAN India. Furthermore, we also accept all proposals of books for competitive and recruitment examinations.

Ideally, the proposal should contain a detailed outline of the book with two chapters (if it’s a practical subject, one chapter should be based on theory and another on practicals) as a sample for revising by the editors.

Send your proposal in hard copy through regular post/courier or email us at Kindly do not send any material in CDs. It is important for you to retain a copy as we do not return any material sent to us.
Send your proposal to:
C/O Editorial Department
Wellwritten Publishing Co.

 70, Om Vihar, Phase 3, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi – 110058
Mob.: +8178286638

Email us at:

We value all submissions and each proposal is given the same diligent attention by our qualified and experienced editorial team. We would thus not advise you to come personally to deliver your proposal. Nonetheless, in case you decide to visit our office personally, you are requested to handover your written proposal at the reception.

At the initial stage, sending in a complete manuscript is not required. The publishing potential of the book is evaluated based on the proposal outlining in detail the structure, content, potential readership and the market for the content.

The editorial team conducts a preliminary evaluation of the synopsis and the sample chapters to develop an insight into the work and gauge its potential. The process takes a minimum of 30 days and post evaluation, you will be informed of our final decision.

Please keep a copy of any proposal that you have sent in the manuscript. Owing to the large number of proposals we receive, we do not take any responsibility to return any material sent by you.

Terms and conditions pertaining to royalties, territories, number of copies, distribution network are all decisions which are taken only on final acceptance of a book for publication. When your manuscript will be accepted, these will automatically be discussed at a later stage. Queries pertaining to these at the time of submitting your proposal or during the evaluation process are premature.

You are free to submit your proposal simultaneously to us and to others. We would, however, request you to inform us about the same. We would also request you to inform us as soon as your manuscript has been accepted by the other publisher, so that we may stop evaluation of your proposal.